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Researcher raises awareness of flame-retardant dangers in household productsScholarships

Parents might be surprised to learn their cellphones, living room sofas, baby carriers, bouncy baby chairs and even some pizza boxes may contain chemicals harmful to young children, according to Case Western Reserve University nursing school researcher Laura Distelhorst, MSN, RN, instructor.

Distelhorst plans to raise awareness about the dangers of exposure to chemical flame-retardants found in common household products that make babies and children vulnerable to cognitive and physical problems as they grow and develop. The pediatric nurse, pursuing her doctor of nurse practice degree, has launched the research project, “Pediatric Nurses’ Knowledge of Toxic Chemical Flame Retardants.”

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Case Western Reserve University receives $2.27 million for scholarshipsScholarships

Northeast Ohio’s Bonacker and Warburton families exemplify the spirit of interprofessional health care. Now, their foundation will advance a similar spirit in education. President Barbara R. Snyder announced a $2.27 million commitment from the Ralph T. and Esther L. Warburton Foundation to support scholarships for students in nursing, medicine, and dental medicine. This award joins an earlier grant of more than $700,000, putting the family foundation’s total commitment to health sciences scholarships at $3 million.

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NIH grant supports training that could lead to better management of multiple chronic illnessesNIH grant

Case Western Reserve University’s Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing will begin training predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers to study people with multiple chronic illnesses in hopes of discovering better methods for managing such a complex combination of illnesses.

The school of nursing received a five-year, $1.79 million training grant from the National Institute of Nursing Research at the National Institutes of Health for the program, which starts July 1.

The program was based on the need to research and better understand the complex health-care situations presented by patients with multiple chronic conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, said Shirley M. Moore, the Edward J. and Louise Mellen Professor of Nursing, associate dean for research and director of the Self Management for the Advancement through Research and Translation (SMART) Center.

Read more in The Daily. To learn more about the program, contact Dr. Moore at shirley.moore@case.edu.

FPB Welcomes International Exchange StudentsInternational

Shauna Mcloughlin and Aisleen Clarke are exchange students from The National University of Ireland, Galway. They will spend the month of June at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing under the supervision of Dr. Mary Quinn-Griffin. Cristina Noriega (bottom left), is post-doctoral fellow from San Pablo CEU University, Spain. She will spend the three summer months working with Dr. Carol Musil on her Grandparents’ research project. Xiaolin Hu (bottom right), a pre-doctoral student from Sichuan University in China, arrived in Cleveland this winter and is working with Dr. Mary Dolansky.

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Nursing’s Christopher Burant selected for Diekhoff teaching awardBurant

Assistant Professor Christopher J. Burant is the recipient of one of Case Western Reserve University’s highest honors, the John S. Diekhoff Award for Distinguished Graduate Student Teaching. Created in 1978, the award is presented annually to two faculty members who have made exemplary contributions to graduate students in the classroom. Burant will be recognized for his award Sunday, May 17, at commencement.

“I get excited when I see a student wanting to learn,” he said. “I don’t want the students to be intimidated by the material. If they’re going into the academic world, they will have to do research, and they will need a strong foundation in statistics.”

Read more on The Daily.

Housework keeps older adults ‘physically and emotionally fit’Kathy Wright

Researchers tested a theory called House’s Conceptual Framework for Understanding Social Inequalities in Health and Aging – considered a blueprint for understanding how different factors influence an older person’s health.

The study’s 337 participants, aged 65-94, had at least one chronic condition. They also had physical restrictions that prevented them from doing at least one basic daily task, such as bathing and dressing, and were unable to manage responsibilities like taking medicines, handling finances or accessing transportation.

The researchers, from Case Western Reserve University’s School of Nursing, linked geographic and socioeconomic information on the neighbourhoods in which the participants lived with health data.

Lead study author Kathy D. Wright, PhD, RN, GCNS-BC, PMHCNS-BC, instructor and KL2 Scholar, said she was surprised to find that housework and maintaining property affected the participants’ physical and mental wellbeing more than factors such as neighbourhood or income.

Read more on The Nursing Times.

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  • Sonya D. Moore, MSN, CRNA, director of the Nurse Anesthesia Program, received a Nurse Anesthetist Traineeship grant funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).
  • Jaclene A. Zauszniewski, PhD, RN-BC, FAAN , Kate Hanna Harvey Professor in Community Health Nursing, and the director of the PhD in Nursing Program, received a Nurse Faculty Loan Program grant funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).
  • Nirmala Lekhak, BSN, RN, PhD student, received the 2015 Marie Haug Award from the University Center on Aging and Health. She is pledging $100 out of the award to an organization working to help the aging population in Nepal, following the recent earthquake.
  • Moriah Watts, BSN student, received 1st Place at the 2015 Intersections: SOURCE Symposium for her Nursing Poster Presentation: “Increasing Colorectal Cancer Screening.”
  • Sara Mithani, BSN student, received 1st Place at the 2015 Intersections: SOURCE Symposium for her Nursing Poster Presentation: “Self-care Instructions Improve Biomarkers for Gum Disease in Postmenopausal Women.”
  • Rachel Wieber & Breanon Glover, BSN students, received 2nd Place at the 2015 Intersections: SOURCE Symposium for their Nursing Poster Presentation: “Improving Nutrition Knowledge Among Irish Traveller Children.”

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