Barbara Morrison, PhD, CNM, FNP

Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing

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Research Interests

  • Kangaroo Care with fullterm healthy newborns
    • Physiological and psychological impact of skin-to-skin care for mothers (parents) and newborns during the first days and hours after birth
    • Neural-hormonal-epigenetic development of attachment and social connectedness
    • The oxytocinergic system of calm and connectedness
  • Breastfeeding
    • Breastfeeding initiation and exclusivity
    • Promoting newborn self-attachment
    • Current understandings of the hormones of lactation (oxytocin and prolactin)
  • Interruptions to the breastfeeding dyad during the early postpartum period
    • Postpartum care to facilitate breastfeeding initiation and exclusivity
  • Research methodologies
    • Factorial surveys
    • Control charting and other quality improvement practices
    • Translational research – implementing nursing research at the bedside
    • Action research

Research Projects

Primary Investigator:

  • Morrison, B., Kolojek, S. & Gazik, J. (2009-present). Maternal satisfaction with postpartum care before and after implementing Kangaroo Care on the postpartum unit.
  • Morrison, B. & Naughton, J.S. (2009-present). Changing Nursing Practices to Improve Breastfeeding Outcomes in a labor-delivery-recover-postpartum birthing unit.
  • Morrison, B., Sedlock-Naughton, J., & the Lakewood Lactation Consultants. (2009-present) Maternal perception of postpartum care and interruptions before discharge and 4-6 weeks later.
  • Morrison, B., Kolojek, S., Bell, C., Gazik, J. & Sedlock-Naughton, J., & Fairview Hospital Breastfeeding Follow-Up committee. (2008 – present). Breastfeeding Follow-up: Does KC make a difference?
  • Morrison, B. (2005-present).Mothers’ views of interruptions during the first postpartum day: Application of the factorial survey method.
  • Morrison, B. (2003-2005). Interruptions to the Breastfeeding Process during the First Postpartum Day at a level II suburban community hospital. FNRE (Foundation for Neonatal Research & Education), $5000.
  • Morrison, B. (2004-2005). Interruptions to the Breastfeeding Process during the First Postpartum Day at a small level I community hospital birthing center.
  • Morrison, B. (2002-2004) Interruptions to the Breastfeeding Dyad during the First Postpartum Day at a University Hospital. Ohio Board of Regents Infrastructure Support Grant, $6000
  • Morrison, B. (1995-2000). The Nurse-Midwifery Process of Prenatal Care.


  • Ludington, S., & Morrison, B. (2007-present). Staff Nurses: What do they know about breastfeeding?
  • Ludington, S., Morrison, B., Underwood, P., Naughton, J.S., & Fairview Hospital Birth KC implementation team (2007-present). Translational Research: Implementing Birth Kangaroo Care at Fairview Hospital.
  • Meyer, K., Ludington, S., Morrison, B., & Mettler, G. (2004-2006). The Temporal Patter of Interruptions during the First Postpartum Day.
  • Ludington, S., Morgan, K. & Morrison, B. (2003-2004). Antenatal lactation education for high risk African American mothers & mother’s milk feedings after birth. Ohio Board of Regents Infrastructure Support Grant, $6000.
  • Anderson, G.C., Ludington, S., Morrison, B., & Huey, S. (2001-2003). Kangaroo Care as an intervention for mothers having breastfeeding difficulty.

Training Projects

  • Core Faculty, "Childbearing, Childrearing, Caregiving Research Training," May Wykle, Project Director. National Institute of Nursing Research, National Institutes of Health, T32-NR07108.

Education Interests

  • Perinatal and Midwifery Care – Keeping it normal
  • Theories for Nursing
  • Doctoral education for clinically based providers
  • Research methodologies for clinical practice
  • Advanced practice nursing
  • Wellness and health promotion
  • Women’s Health Care
  • Cultural competence

Educational Background

  • BA, Biology, College of Wooster, Wooster, OH
  • BS, Nursing, Columbia University, New York, NY
  • MN, Primary Health Care/Family Nurse Practitioner, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
  • Certificate, Nurse Midwife, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL
  • PhD, Nurse Midwifery/Maternal Child Nursing, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL

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