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Research Areas

Through programs of interdisciplinary research and scholarship, faculty at the FPB School of Nursing are committed to the development and dissemination of new knowledge to support nursing practice and education. Focused programs of research and research training include:

Collaborative relationships with students, clinical agencies and communities support innovative, outcome-based research and the advancement of knowledge.

At FPB, we strive to look beyond the usual research support structures of mentorship, availability of research pilot funds, and training in grantsmanship. We seek to delve into deeper structural foundations, to reveal what truly makes a community of productive scholars. The Center for Research & Scholarship Services supports and nurtures this community.

For More Information

Visit our page of research project websites to get a sense of some of FPB's exciting scientific initiatives that are currently underway.

Take a look at our Research Seminars, which are being held throughout the academic year at the FPB School of Nursing.

If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us.

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Research Information


Associate Dean for Research:

Shirley M. Moore, PhD, RN, FAAN

Assistant Dean for Research:

Sara L. Douglas, PhD, RN

Assistant Dean for Research Administration:

Margaret Roudebush

Assistant Director:

Sally Garrett Karyo

Center for Research & Scholarship Department Assistant:

Danielle Bunkley

Center for Research & Scholarship Department Assistant:

Hollie McGivern

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